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Work Related Counselling: creating the change you desire

We spend a great deal of our lives at work, and it is therefore so important to our well-being as well as our organisation that it is a source of satisfaction and engagement.

There are many reasons for experiencing distress, unhappiness or loss of motivation in the workplace. These can include:

- Personal events that impact on work, such as bereavement, changing family commitments, marriage or divorce
- Periods of mental or emotional difficulty, where your resilience seems lower than usual
- Bullying in the workplace
- Lack of recognition
- Lack of confidence
- Feeling under-challenged or overwhelmed by workloads
- Dealing with organisational change
- Uncertainty about the future

This is not a comprehensive list, but some of the more common issues that anyone can face from time to time in their career. It can feel very personal though, as if you are the only one going through it. Even if you know that others experiences are similar it may be difficult to see a way through. However, that is what it is like when you are in the thick of it. Counselling offers space for you to step back and effectively see the wood rather than the trees.

"Caroline's support is very practical with small bits of homework that really helped. I always felt that I was in safe hands."

1. Private arrangement
If you wish to explore private counselling, please email me and we will arrange a free telephone interview (approximately 20 minutes long). This gives you the chance to see how you get on with me, and for me to find out about what is concerning you. All being well we would arrange a time for an initial assessment face to face, which would last 60 minutes. Ongoing sessions would each be 50 minutes long, with an inbuilt review in the 5th session to see how we both feel things are progressing.
Cost:£50 per 50 minute session, and £50 for the initial 60 minute visit.

2. Referral via your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
If you have been referred by your EAP arrangements may vary. For example, we may move direct to a face to face meeting of 50 minutes duration as part of your allotted number of sessions.

I ran a staff counselling service in a Higher Education establishment for 5 years, providing support at all levels of the organisation via one to one counselling and workshops. During my 8 years as a counsellor in a large London teaching hospital I also provided a wide range of staff with workshops, training, reflective practice sessions and support. My non-counselling background includes managing teams of staff within local authority and the not for profit sectors.

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