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Counselling and Mindfulness around Canterbury, Folkestone & Dover

"My counselling with Caroline has provided me with coping skills to come from the depths of despair to being happy, self assured and enjoying life to the full, for the first time since I can remember."

- A recent client

This is a challenging time for many people, but also a time of surprising beauty. Whilst I am not taking on clients at present I want to share with you how we can make the most of the current restrictions on our movements.

It can start with noticing the small things - a phone call that goes well, a new flower that has just blossomed, feeling the warmth of the sun on your cheek . Simply look out for these precious moments in your life right now. Sometimes we are so focused on what is missing that we forget to see what is before us.

There is of course a lot of darkness - fears for loved ones, feeling overwhelmed by the news, and loss. And this is where gratitude can be so helpful. We can be grateful to the many people out there who are risking themselves to help others: carers, medical staff, delivery people, volunteers and kindly neighbours. Whether you take the time to do this by yourself or join in events such as the Thursday evening clapping in which you gain a sense of community, you will know what feels right for you. We can also be grateful when there are people we are concerned about because we share love with them - they are or have been in our lives and made it richer.

Compassion is the third quality I would like to mention for now, as it can help us all. Feeling for both ourselves and others in a kindly way can take the edge off. It can help us to realise that we do not struggle alone, and to find a way of supporting others can give us purpose and meaning. It can be as simple as making a phone call to a friend, or delivering shopping to someone who is having to self isolate. For others it may be using a skill such as sewing to make masks for those who need them, or posting funny video clips.

I hope you find these few thoughts helpful.

Wishing you good health and safe passage,


I am an integrative counsellor and use a range of different therapeutic options according to what works for you. My counsellor practice is suspended for the time being, but when it reopens I can be reached easily by car or train from Dover, Canterbury and Folkestone, in the village of Adisham CT3.

To find out more, ring or email me or click on the Counselling page.

I am currently co-hosting an online monthly mindfulness evening via Witherdens Hall, Wingham. Whether you have never tried mindfulness before or are an experienced practitioner, this is a beautiful opportunity to share meditation in a friendly group on the first Monday of every month. For more details please visit the Witherdens Hall, Wingham website and ask to be placed on the mindfulness email list.

At present I have suspended my mindfulness offerings. However when they are running I primarily offer one to one sessions, group taster sessions, workshops, retreat days and 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses.

Mindfulness is about gently training our powers of awareness of our experience as it unfolds. Its benefits are becoming increasingly well-known and include: reduced stress levels, an ability to step back and make wiser choices, increased flexibility and creativity, and embracing life.

I work as a counsellor and supervisor in the village of Adisham. It is within easy reach of Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone, Ash, Sandwich and most of East Kent by car. Road parking is easy, and there is a train station within the village for those willing to undertake a 15 minute walk. Adisham station is on the train line between Dover and Canterbury.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

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